Dr. D Stratocaster

Doctor D was a Florida pin stripping artist from the Daytona Beach area. I stumbled upon a MIM Stratocaster body on eBay with his paint job. After some research I also found evidence on Dr. D’s Facebook page.

The Mexican made body [ M00037632] was sold on eBay minus the pick-guard assembly for $169.75 on 3/8/2017.

Using original Fender parts I will reassemble this with a black headstock 2008 American Deluxe Neck [ DZ8013634] purchased 4/23/2017 on eBay, it has LSR and a Rosewood fingerboard [ $499.95] and noiseless pickups.

New Fender 0992049000 Vintage Style Bridge from WDMusic [$88.00] , [ 4/10/2017]

Wiring is copied from American Performer ( 011491XXXX)

From Fender on 3/10/2020

2) 099083000 250K Pots [Taiwan]

1) 0991367000 5 way switch [ Mexico]

1) Push Pull Pot 0992257000 Fender

Fender Deluxe used output jack 2/25/2020 5 String Telecasters on eBay for $9.95