Cort Performer X

I picked up this double cutaway Korean made Cort guitar, besides normal wear and tear, it had a broken bridge mounting screw and all electronics removed. I will install a set of PRS SE 85/15 G&B Zebra Humbuckers , $80.00 [ Reverb] with the Bourns controls and a new hardtail bridge from Gotoh.

Also likely paint or primer.

GTC-101 Made in Japan , from Reverb seller $43.50

Typical example of the Walnut version with faux neck through finish on a 13 layer laminate body.

Typical original alpha metric pots, I will replace with full size Bourns

Block sanding for level top face , also lots of super glue to stiffen laminate layers

Repair bridge mounting hole due to damaged screw

Install new Gotoh Bridge